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Emergent Intelligence: The Future of AI & Entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur and futurist, I can’t help but be excited and a bit anxious about the rapidly advancing world of artificial intelligence (AI). I’m living in an era when AI is no longer just science fiction – it’s becoming integrated into every aspect of our lives and businesses.

I see AI as the sum of all human creativity and knowledge to date. The large language models being developed are trained on the vast datasets of information we’ve created as a society. In a sense, we are feeding our collective knowledge back into powerful AI that can then augment our capabilities in unanticipated ways. Read More...

Startup World Cup Silicon Valley Regional, Aug 3, Computer History Museum

Startup World Cup is a global series of conferences and competitions that bring together the top startups, investors, entrepreneurs and tech CEOs around the world. Starting with regional competitions in nearly 50+ countries across six continents, hundreds of selected top technology startups compete for the chance to move onto the Grand Finale event in San Francisco to win a $1 million investment grand prize. Startup World Cup is organized by Pegasus Tech Ventures in partnership with investors and local sponsors.

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Product Launch 101: What Sites are Similar to Product Hunt?

Most of us know of but what other sites are out there where you can list our products?

  1. BetaList ( This website is dedicated to featuring beta versions of new products and services, and helps founders get early feedback from early adopters.
  2. Crunchbase ( This website is a platform for discovering and tracking innovative companies and startups, and features information on funding, acquisitions, and leadership.
  3. Startup Ranking ( This website features a comprehensive list of startups from around the world, categorized by industry and popularity, with detailed company profiles and rankings.
  4. AngelList ( This platform connects startups with investors and features a job board for job seekers looking to work at startups. It also features a product hunt-like section called “AngelList Talent”.
  5. Betabound ( This website offers beta testing opportunities to early adopters, and helps companies gather feedback on new products and services.
  6. Gadget Flow ( This website features new and innovative gadgets, products and tech accessories, with a focus on design and usability.
  7. SideProjectors ( This website allows founders to buy and sell side projects, and also features a section for discovering new and innovative side projects.
  8. FuturePedia ( This is the largest directory of AI tools.

These websites can be great resources for discovering new and exciting products and services, and for keeping up with the latest trends in technology and entrepreneurship. Read More...

Hiring: Machine Learning Engineer (Funded Startup)

Get in on the ground floor of a new venture. Chance for significant equity. We are an early-stage Silicon Valley tech startup founded by industry veterans with funding and huge potential to change how humans interact with our machines.

Our mission is to leverage the latest advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence to create truly human-like AI bots. If you are passionate about pioneering the next generation of artificial intelligence, this is your chance. Read More...

Beware of Web3 Games & Crypto Scams

Web3 games, or decentralized games built on blockchain technology, have gained popularity in recent years. These include Axie Infinity, Neopets Meta, Alien Worlds, and Splinterlands. These games offer players the ability to own and trade in-game items using cryptocurrency, and offer the potential for financial gain through the appreciation of these assets.

However, it is important to be aware of the potential dangers and risks associated with web3 games and cryptocurrency. One of the main risks is the risk of inflation. Because the supply of most cryptocurrencies is not fixed, there is the potential for inflation to occur as more units of the currency are created. This can lead to the devaluation of the currency and potentially result in financial losses for players who hold large amounts of it. Read More...

Habitly for Entrepreneurs

In a recent interview, Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn, said, “…the biggest skills gap in the United States is soft skills. Written communication, oral communication, team building, people leadership, collaboration. For jobs like sales, sales development, business development, customer service. This is the biggest gap, and it’s counter-intuitive.”

Competitive soft skills training is more important than ever.  Entrepreneurs are using Habitly to:

  • Better onboard new employees
  • Maximize the effectiveness of individuals and teams
  • Bolster your performance improvement process (PIP)

Watch this recent Habitly episode to consider how Habitly can help your organization: Read More...

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