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How to File a Patent

Filing a US patent involves several steps, which can vary depending on the type of patent you are seeking and the jurisdiction in which you are filing. Here is a general overview of the steps involved in filing a patent:

Determine the type of patent you need: There are three main types of patents: utility patents, which cover new and useful inventions or discoveries; design patents, which cover new, original, and ornamental designs for an article of manufacture; and plant patents, which cover asexually reproduced plants. You will need to determine which type of patent is appropriate for your invention or discovery. Read More...

Free Legal Services for Startup: Apply for Fall 2022 Cohort

Apply for the UC Hastings Law School Startup Legal Garage for its Fall 2022 Cohort.

With the help of volunteer attorneys from top firms, UC Hastings law students will meet new companies’ legal needs from incorporation to privacy policies to option plans, licensing, trademark, and beyond.

Pro bono program offered by Startup Legal Garage saves the average startup up to $30K of runway. By setting companies on the right legal footing from day one, they enable more investment opportunities and growth.

New Rule for Foreign Entrepreneurs

The United States has a new rule, which allows foreign entrepreneurs a temporary initial stay of up to 2 years (which may be extended by up to an additional 3 years) to facilitate founders’ ability to oversee and grow his or her start-up entity in the United States. Some people call this a “Startup Visa”.

Who is eligible?

Entrepreneurs who have a significant ownership interest in the startup (at least 15 percent), and have an active and central role to its operations. Read More...

Free Legal Help

Good deal guys… Apply by August 10th to receive free startup legal services from UC Hastings College of the Law.

Applications are due midnight, August 10th:

Be sure to mention Founders Space.

Here’s How to Incorporate Your Startup in the United States

Anil Advani, an attorney at Inventus Law, tells how to incorporate your startup as an LLC, S Corp, C Corp; the differences between California and Delaware; how to put together the initial cap table; how to elect a board of directors and officers; how to structure the founders stock, vesting and acceleration and much more!

Wilson Sonsini Term Sheet Generator for Convertible Notes

This tool will generate a convertible note term sheet based on your responses to an online questionnaire. It also has an educational component, with basic tutorials and annotations. This term sheet generator is a modified version of a tool that we use internally, which comprises one part of a suite of document automation tools that we use to generate start-up and venture financing-related documents.

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