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What Are Bitcoin and the Blockchain?

Neosapiens – BCI, BrainTech, Transhumanism, and Mind Control

Captain Hoff discusses the future of humankind. What happens when we connect our brains to the internet? How will this change our lives and the world? What will it be like to merge our minds with the internet?

A DARPA Perspective on Artificial Intelligence

Figuring Out Your Next Big Idea

Steve Hoffman explains why competition is the worst way to generate new ideas for your organization. Listen to him explain what works and doesn’t work when you want to take your organization or team to the next level.

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Technology of Tomorrow at the 2050 Conference

Technology of Tomorrow – Nano Bots, Smart Dust, DNA, Bionics & Brain Chips!

Getting2Alpha: The Process of Radical Innovation

I recently spoke with @amyjokim on Getting2Alpha about what I’ve learned when it comes to getting companies ready for takeoff. Listen Here:

Hunting Unicorns: The Art of Investing in Silicon Valley Startups

By Steven Hoffman, the author of Make Elephant Fly!

AI, Mind Tech & the Future of Humankind

Steve Hoffman, the author of Make Elephant Fly, imagines a future where mind technology, brain chips and neuroscience come together to reshape the human species.

Transhumanism is already happening. We are evolving beyond our current physical and mental limitations by using science and technology to augment our bodies and minds. In the near future, we will radically redefine what it means to be human.

Radical Innovation

By Steven Hoffman, the author of Make Elephant Fly!

Simulation: Executing on Ideas

I was just on Simulation today with Allen Saakyan, discussing how to make an impact with your ideas.

2Questions.TV – All About Successful Startups

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CBS on Mark Zuckerberg’s Apology & the Facebook Data Crisis

CBS on Mark Zuckerberg’s Apology & the Facebook Data Crisis.

Strategies for Launching Your Business in China (London Tech Week)

Captain Hoff answers the question on how to do business in China. What are companies missing?

Why are Facebook & Cambridge Analytica the tip of the iceberg?

    Captain Hoff tackles these tough questions:

  • Why is this issue more important than most of us realize?
  • How will it affect every American and everybody around the world?
  • What can Congress do about this?
  • Why hasn’t anything been done before?
  • What does it mean to have companies access our data?
  • What protections do consumers have? Captain Hoff is the author of “Make Elephants Fly” and the CEO of — a global startup incubator & accelerator.

Should We Ever Trust Mark Zuckerberg & Facebook Again?

In this video, Captain Hoff answers the question: Why has Facebook betrayed our trust and what are the implications?

The Keys to Radical Innovation & Successful Startups

Raising Capital, Closing Deals & Understanding China

Captain Hoff is the author of Make Elephants Fly and the CEO of Founders Space.

In this video, Captain Hoff answers the following questions:

• How do you close deals with Chinese investors?

• How do you launch your business to China?

• What are the opportunities with China right now?

• How do Chinese invest in Silicon Valley startups?

• What are Chinese VCs looking for in a startup?

What is a Startup Incubator?

What are the Best Startup Incubators & Accelerators in Silicon Valley?

What is Series A Funding for Startups?