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Million Dollar Mastermind with Larry Weidel

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In this episode of Million Dollar Mastermind podcast, Host Larry Weidel speaks with Steven Hoffman, Author and Chairman & CEO of Founders Space. They discuss how Steven came to prove his worth and ability in the cutthroat Hollywood industry, never giving up until he achieves his dream of breaking through the industry, and being successful. Steven goes into greater detail by talking about how he wasn’t deterred by rejections but rather got motivated to keep trying till he got the chance he was hoping for. He talks about the power of putting in your best in whatever you do.

Is Investing in Metaverse Real Estate Dangerous?

Tune into Keith Weinhold, the host of GRE Real Estate, and find out about The Future of Real Estate & the Metaverse

Metaverse real estate is virtual. Can you make money with it? Learn what makes a piece of metaverse real estate valuable or worthless. You often buy NFTs on the blockchain. With Upland, you can buy NFTs of real properties, like the Statue Of Liberty or Dodger Stadium. Our guest feels that metaverse real estate investing is highly speculative. It is risky and often akin to gambling. Metaverse economies are subject to monetary inflation.

Learning Real-World Leadership with Matthew Confer

Matthew Confer, VP of Strategy for Abilitie, teaches executive leadership using scenario-based learning.

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Radical Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Tune into Rich Goldstein’s podcast on business, innovation, and the law!

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:

• How to build a great team for your startup

• The most common mistakes startups make

• Why intellectual property is crucial when exiting a company

• The best time to get a patent and how to find a good lawyer

What CEOs Need to Know with Anthony Taylor

Anthony Taylor is the CEO of SME Strategy, author, and podcast host. In today’s episode he talks about what you need to know in order to execute on your strategic plans.

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Do It! Selling with David Newman

David Newman talks about how to sell your services to anyone, without coming across like an icky salesperson. If you hate selling, this episode is for you!


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