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AI Revolution: Unveiling Truths, Myths, and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs

Listen to the Authentically Successful Podcast!

In this episode of “Authentically Successful”, Carol engages in a compelling conversation with Steve Hoffman, the CEO of Founders Space and a seasoned expert in startups, venture investing, and authorship.

Together, they delve into a wide range of topics, from the potential of AI to the allure of Silicon Valley. Steve walks us through key factors he thinks startups must embody to be funded right now and the flow of VC funding. Read More...

Sell Like a Rockstar!

Adam Springer and Captain Hoff discuss the secrets to selling. How can you supercharge your sales pipeline, close deals, and win over customers?

The Age of AI

How AI will change everything: robotic farms, generative worlds, autonomous AI agents, humanoid AGI robots, superintelligence, and more!

AI: The Promise and The Power of Artificial Intelligence

AI is an incredibly powerful too, which can bring many benefits, but it may destroy our civilization in the process. What is the potential? And what are the perils?

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