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PODCAST: From Hollywood to Silicon Valley to China by Brendan Davis (If I Knew You Better)

Millions of people in the tech & startup world know Steve Hoffman as “Captain Hoff” from Founders Space, a leading incubator from Silicon Valley that is now omnipresent throughout China. But very few people know that his FIRST career was as a development executive in Hollywood, and this is the first time Steve’s talked about all this in-depth since beginning his China adventures. The lessons he’s learned from his success shaping startups & stories are invaluable, & applicable regardless of your vocation or location.

Are Asian Startups Out-Pacing Western Startups?

How Do You Choose Between Your Lover And Your Startup?

How Do You Manage People Who Are Smarter Than You?

How Do You Start a Startup?

How Important is it to Research Competitors Before You Start Your Company?

How Much Do Startup Founders Get Paid?

What Type of Email Works with Venture Capitalists?

Is It Possible to Launch a Startup with a Full Time Job?

What Are the Biggest Opportunities Available for Entrepreneurs?

What Business Should You Start if You Don’t Have a Lot of Money?

What Can You Learn from Elon Musk?

What If Your Cofounder is Taking All the Credit?

What is the Best Way to Sell a Product?

What Should You Do If Competitors Copy Your Strategy?

Why Do Most Startups Fail?

What Happens to the Founders After a Startup Fails?

Radical Innovation

By Steven Hoffman, the author of Make Elephant Fly!

AI, Mind Tech & the Future of Humankind

Steve Hoffman, the author of Make Elephant Fly, imagines a future where mind technology, brain chips and neuroscience come together to reshape the human species.

Transhumanism is already happening. We are evolving beyond our current physical and mental limitations by using science and technology to augment our bodies and minds. In the near future, we will radically redefine what it means to be human.

Hunting Unicorns: The Art of Investing in Silicon Valley Startups

By Steven Hoffman, the author of Make Elephant Fly!