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Brain Hacking & Mind Tech

Captain Hoff explores what will happen when we connect our brains directly to the internet?

Connecting our brains directly to the internet, through brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), is a futuristic concept with the potential to reshape our world in countless ways. It’s still in its early stages, but the possibilities are both exciting and complex, raising questions about what it means to be human and the societal implications of such a radical shift.

7 Mindsets for the Conscious Millionaire with JV Crum III

Join me as I interview Conscious Millionaire cofounder and author JV Crum III.


“Conscious Millionaire” by JV Crum III is a book that focuses on achieving financial success with a conscious and purpose-driven approach. Crum emphasizes the idea that building wealth should not only be about personal gain but should also contribute positively to society. Here are some key theories and ideas from the book:

Navigating Startup Success with Roland Siebelink

Listen to Roland Siebelink’s podcast Midstage Startup Momentum.

➡ The qualities to look for in founders that are destined for success.

➡ The true meaning of product-market-fit.

➡ How startups should balance growth versus and how the economic climate can be a factor.

➡ The best way for startups to consider new possibilities without getting distracted.

➡ Why is it critical for startups to continue to innovate?

Sell Like a Rockstar!

Adam Springer and Captain Hoff discuss the secrets to selling. How can you supercharge your sales pipeline, close deals, and win over customers?

The Age of AI

How AI will change everything: robotic farms, generative worlds, autonomous AI agents, humanoid AGI robots, superintelligence, and more!

AI: The Promise and The Power of Artificial Intelligence

AI is an incredibly powerful too, which can bring many benefits, but it may destroy our civilization in the process. What is the potential? And what are the perils?

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