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Success Story: Everything You Wanted to Know About Starting a Business

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How to Survive and Thrive While Launching Your Business

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Shark Bite Biz! – Learning from Your Past Life

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The Judgment Call Podcast

Join me on The Judgment Call Podcast, as we talk about awesome venture investments, the singularity, and being a modern explorer.

The Profit & Loss podcast with Adam Tidrow

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Fireside with Marc Moglen & Steve Hoffman

Fireside with Marc Moglen: Interviews of visionaries in entrepreneurship.

Host: Marc Moglen
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Chainlock: Unlocked – Unlock the Power of #NFT​

Welcome to Chainlock: Unlocked™, your source for the latest innovations and developments in #NFT​ and #Blockchain​.

Chainlock: Unlocked will “Unlock the Power of NFT”™ for you and your business with interviews of top entrepreneurs and influencers.

Host: Marc Moglen
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Watch >> Unlocking Startup Success with Skot Waldron

Check out the show “Unlocked With Skot Waldron!” It’s all about unlocking the potential of people and organizations.

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Tune into Investor Connect: Survival of the Fittest

When 90% of startups fail, how can your startup beat the odds and not wind up a roadkill?

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The Dave Pamah Show – Surviving a Startup

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Make your Startup Fly with Sam Kamani

Tune into the episode where Sam Kamani interviews Captain Hoff about how to Make your Startup Fly!

Millennial Investing Podcast

Join Captain Hoff on the Millennial Investing Podcast with Robert Leonard.

The 10 Commandments of Venture Capital

Learn the 10 most critical things you need to know to raise venture capital for your startup.

Learn the best strategies for raising venture capital.

Learn how to create competition between investors.

Learn what investors are looking for in a startup.

Learn what to say to investors.

Learn what mistakes entrepreneurs make.

Learn how to estimate your company’s valuation.

Learn how to use fear and greed to your advantage.

Hackative Labs – How Turn Ideas into Reality

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Joe explores with Steven Hoffman (AKA Capt Hoff), the award winning author and CEO of Founders Space, on the key points from his book, Make Elephants Fly. They discussed the many conundrums of a startup, getting to product market fit, and the cultural adventures (and misadventures!) he experienced, while getting elephants to fly worldwide. Steven also has 2 upcoming books: Surviving A Startup, and The Five Forces That Change Everything

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The Future of Technology & Business

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How a Silicon Valley Accelerator Went Global to Help Startups Do the Same

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“How a Silicon Valley Accelerator Went Global to Help Startups Do the Same”

How Founders Space Became a Global Innovation Hub

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Key Takeaways:

– That taking something offline and trying to shoehorn it online doesn’t work as well

– That a combination of leadership, curiosity and stamina are what makes a great CEO

– Don’t sweat the small stuff, it won’t matter a year, 6 months or even 3 months from now

Investor Connect Podcast

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Create Your Own Life with Jeremy Ryan Slate

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The Dave Parma Podcast

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