Captain Hoff’s 7 Tech Predictions for 2017

2017 Predictions1) AR & VR will disappoint as adoption fails to meet expectations. Let’s face it, the experience on low-end devices is dismal, and most people don’t want to pay for high-end devices.

2) There’s lots of hype around the Blockchain, but it’s nothing but a piece of technology. Blockchain startups aren’t worth anything unless they’ve figured out a real business model.

3) General AI will fail. It’s too complicated. Narrow AI that solves customers’ most pressing problems is where the smart money is.

4) Most Consumer IoT will fail to produce new unicorns. It’s extremely hard to monetize consumers deeply with a gadget. Look to Business IoT for the big wins.

5) The IPO market in the US will warm up but not catch fire.

6) People will wake up to the fact that we’ve opened Pandora’s Box with CRISPR DNA editing.

7) Most Americans will regret electing Donald Trump, if they don’t already.

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