Don’t Take Life Too Seriously

Don’t take life too seriously. Don’t worry about each decision you make. In life, you never know if you are making the right decision. Life is too complex, and there are too many variables. Sometimes it’s better to go with your heart and see what happens.

Many of the greatest opportunities in my life came out of nowhere. They came when I was just having fun. Coming to China was one of those decisions. If I had thought too much about it, I wouldn’t have come. Or I would have come but not invested the time to grow my business.

So many American businesses fail in China. It was crazy to think that I could succeed. But it turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life. All throughout my life, I can see this pattern. When I follow my interests and engage fully in the act of living, I do much better.

Conversely, when I fret over each decision, worrying if I am messing up or going down the wrong path, my life becomes restricted. I miss out on some of the best opportunities.

Don’t make this mistake! Don’t focus on what other people think is imporrtant. Just follow your intuition and embrace whatever comes your way. Yes, you may fail. You may make some foolish decisions that lead nowhere. But in the end, you will have a better life.

Dare yourself to be yourself!

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