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Build a Successful Startup & Get Funding to Build Your Dream Business:

We start the conversation with one of the buzzwords we’ve constantly been seeing all over the online space in recent weeks; Metaverse. Stave’s grasp on the technologies that enable the concept of Metaverse is fascinating. Steve shares his take on how the next phase of virtual reality is going to look like and opportunities that may emerge from it for businesses as well as individuals.

Steve’s career journey is a combination of multiple fields. We talk about where he started, the experiences he gathered in his time in Hollywood, and how he managed to take a leap of faith to start his first business venture. We dive deep into how his business ventures evolved over time, instances where he had to pivot and take actions to find the right market, and some lessons he learned throughout his journey of entrepreneurship. Steve also talks about how he became an author and the process of writing a book and working with publishers.

Innovative ideas are a key component of a successful business venture. However, it takes a lot more than just an idea to build a successful business. Over the years, Steve has worked with many startups and has seen how and why most startups fail. We dive deep into what it takes to build a successful startup, how to create the right value proposition, how to get funding and work with investors, and how to build your dream business by avoiding the common mistakes that make most startups failures.