Exeq.io Launches in App Store

Founders Space Alumni Exeq.io launches today!

Exeq is the app for better spending, bringing fun to finance and budgeting. Exeq links to your bank and makes checking your bank account way less stressful.

The Exeq Feed
See your spending in one easy to follow feed that’s more than just numbers. Exeq works with all bank accounts and credit cards.

The Numbers that Matter
Exeq shows you how much you have in the bank, how much you’ve spent this week, and how much you have left to spend in the week. It’s what you care about first — no more clicking around or mental math!

React with Friends
See what your friends think about that new coffee shop near you, leave reactions to last night’s dinner spot, and see the places your friends are loving.

Weekly Budgets
Set a weekly budget, stay on track and always know how much you have left to spend for the week. Overspent one week? No worries, every Monday is a fresh start.

Check it out!

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