iPad Summit partners with Founders Space

We have a huge respect for Chris Sherman, the founder of Engage Digital Media.  His latest show is the iPad Summit.  Founders Space has partnered with the iPad Summit, and we’ll be at the show.  Here’s the latest update…

Apple is selling more than 200,000 iPads per week (more iPads than Macs), according to a report yesterday. At the iPad Summit, June 28th in San Francisco, you gain access to the data underneath these numbers with a wealth of market research, including app and platform analytics data, consumer trends, usage, and spending habits. For only $350 (earlybird price ends in one week, on May 28th) you’ll gain keen market insight from Flurry Analytics, M2 Research, Interpret LLC, Chitika, AdMob and Aurora Feint – just to name a few.

The iPad Summit location and timing is such that there are no overnight costs if you are flying in from out of town.  The Summit takes place at the South San Francisco Conference Center, just a 5 min cab ride from the San Francisco Airport (SFO). The Summit starts at 10am and ends at 5pm. Simply take the early morning flight on June 28th and fly out that evening.

Please find the full schedule below:

The very latest market research, trends and spending habits
– Jason Snell, VP/Editorial Director, Macworld
– Daniel Ruby, Research Director, Chitika
– Peter Farago, Vice President, Marketing, Flurry
– Wanda Meloni, Founder, Senior Analyst, M2 Research

Case studies: Reports from the front lines of the iPad launch
– Chris Williams, Director, Mobile and Console, Playfirst
– Dana Nelson, Lead Game Designer Diner Dash: Grilling Green, Playfirst
– More case studies to be announced

Consumer behavior and demographic usage patterns
– Dana Jongewaard, Executive Editor, Expanded Audiences, IGN
– Dean Takahashi, Lead Writer, VentureBeat
– Michael Cai, Vice President of Video Games, Interpret LLC
– Nicole Lazzaro, President, XEODesign

How to Integrate an iPad, iPhone and iTouch strategy
– Levi Buchanan, Editor, Mobile Games & Technology, IGN
– Jason Oberfest, VP, Social Applications, ngmoco
– Eric Futoran, VP of Business Development and Ad Operations, Hooked Media Group
– Brian Robbins, Founder, Riptide Games

Monetizing Games: Comparing Revenue models
– Joe Hyrkin, Entrepreneur in Residence, Trinity Ventures
– Eros Resmini, VP Marketing and Developer Relations, Aurora Feint, Inc.
– Jason Spero, Vice President & General Manager of North America, AdMob
– Nitin Chitkara, VP of Business Development, Mobclix
– Richard Borenstein, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sale, Zong

Chart your successful iPad strategy now for only $350.  Early registration ends one week from today. Rates go up to $425 on May 29th. Visit the web site, http://www.iPadSummit.com, for details.

I hope you can join us.

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