Eye Capture is like QR Codes on Steroids

As part of our Founders Spotlight series, we cover new, promising startups.  This week we’re featuring Eye Capture, a free mobile app designed for magazines that acts like QR codes on steroids — only without the QR codes or the steroids.

With Eye Capture, you take a picture of the entire page — no tiny QR codes or hidden codes or any codes — and are presented with an screen full of images and magazine-approved links of content that’s directly related to what’s on that page.

You can visit product websites, watch a video or two or three, Like them on Facebook, follow them on twitter, and yes, even buy the product, all from the capture of just the single page. All without having to search for it on a browser, or dig through confusing websites on your iPhone or iPod.

Those little square codes can only show you just one of these options. And unlike other programs, the content is magazine-approved, so you know it’ll be great. When you discover something new, you can share it with your friends on Facebook, twitter, through text messages, and email!

How’s that for a startup idea?   Eye Capture just launched at SXSW with The Social Media Monthly Magazine, a consumer-friendly review and analysis of the Social Media Evolution.

Below is a video that describes how Eye Capture works:

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  1. Nina Gerwin says:

    Thank you, Founders Space! At our core, we are all about curated content discovery with ecommerce capabilities, social, and a great user experience. You’re already reading your favorite magazine, so what you discover will be directly related to your interests. Like Pinterest, we link an offline activity (reading magazines) to online discovery and sharing, producing robust data and business intelligence for publishers.

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