FountainBlue’s High Tech Entrepreneurs’ Forum is a great resource for founders. If you’re starting up a company, getting involved with them may prove helpful.

They offer a number of valuable services, including high tech forums the second or third Mondays of the month from 5:30 until 7:30 p.m. Unfortunately, if you’re not in Silicon Valley, I don’t think you can attend. As far as I know, they haven’t expanded yet beyond the Bay Area.

Go see FountainBlue

Here are more details…

FountainBlue stimulates collaborative innovation, one conversation, one leader, one organization at a time through our monthly events, our dynamic communities, our ongoing discussions on entrepreneurial issues, our invitation-only CEO forums, and through our consulting services.

FountainBlue High Tech Entrepreneur Forums were launched in March 2006 and have continued to grow and become an exceptionally high value entrepreneur event in Silicon Valley. These events routinely attract between 50-150 high tech entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and investors. We run an annual angel panel in January, an annual free-mium-to-premium event in March, an annual virtual worlds conference in September, and a spring and winter funding road trip 3-month series.

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