It’s a POPUP DrinkEntrepreneurs – This Friday night!

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This will be a very special DrinkEntrepreneurs Popup Cocktail Social.

See you in the BERLINETTA LOUNGE inside the Mystic Hotel’s Burritt Tavern.

The concept is simple: at DrinkEntrepreneurs, come make some friends within the entrepreneurship community. Be prepared to be more socializing than networking.

DrinkEntrepreneurs is a laid back monthly event where entrepreneurs enjoy hanging out in a welcoming, friendly environment with fellow entrepreneurs and startup folks. Initially launched for fun in Paris – Drink Entrepreneurs is ramping up, and is currently in 30 cities (Paris, London, Seoul, Buenos Aires, etc… ) across the globe.

P.S. Entry is free. Totally awesome cocktails are available for purchase, and make sure you have Brian or Mo mix you up something nice.

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