Meet SVForum – the New Brand!

Susan Lucas-Conwell

Susan Lucas-Conwell

by Susan Lucas-Conwell, CEO of SVForum

Today, 28 years and thousands of members later, we continue to grow and evolve, stay relevant with the times around us. We serve a broad market covering the entire footprint of the technology industry including clean tech, healthcare IT, social media, cloud and virtualization, mobile/wireless, and more.

In our quest for a new identity that would express who we are and where we are headed, we reached out to our community first. They helped us come up with what you see today. Heartfelt thanks to all of you who participated in the journey and continue to support us every day.

SV stands for Silicon Valley. “Forum” communicates our mission as we facilitate timely industry debates; promote the sharing of knowledge, and enable professional collaboration. We are a leader in Silicon Valley and contribute to its worldwide influence on technology and innovation. Our new logo uses a variety of colors and interwoven lines to form a perfect sphere representing the continuation of thought and ideas that connect, change and evolve. It also represents the diversity of people, ideas and knowledge that are part of a greater whole, our global community.

With the new name that finally rings true to our brand and a great new visual identity to match, proudly, we are now…

As the change takes place in the electronic world, please accept our apologies in advance for any temporary inconvenience and do let us know if you find pockets of our old identity still lingering out there.

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