My Life in San Francisco


Top Ten things this past week…

1) Work, work, work, fun, fun, fun, run, run, run! Playing Bocce ball with my friends. Brian Goggin is a local artist and wildman. He’s a killer on the Bocce Ball court.

Bocce Ball

2) My former business partner is Adam Zbar. His startup, Sun Basket, just hit $200M in revenue. We celebrated at his wife’s birthday party with drinks, music and hugs.

3) My other former business partner, Andy Reidel, just got married, and we celebrated with more drinks, music and hugs. His startup, Play Studios, is also doing incredibly well.

4) Spoke at Gateway to Asia: Hong Kong’s Thriving Tech Scene.

5) Ningbo’s government visited Founders Space.

6) Shenzhen’s e-Hub visited Founders Space.

7) Running our Innovation Program with Bosch, training their internal startups.

8) Working on research for my next book: Making Elephants Fart.  Just kidding.

9) Preparing my new speech on AI, Robots & the Future of Humanity.

10) Today, I went out to see the solar eclipse, but it was foggy. So sad!

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