Stained Glass Labs Changed its name to Wearable World Inc.

In an effort to emphasize the company’s commitment to Wearable Technology and the Internet of Wearable Things (IOWT), Stained Glass Labs changed its name to Wearable World Inc. today.

In an announcement made by co-­founders Redg Snodgrass and Kyle Ellicott, Mr. Snodgrass stated, “We want to be more focused on the over-­arching ecosystem and not just a single player in the space. The world of Wearable Technology includes innovative consumer products beyond GLASS, and thus demands a platform for those in the community to engage, learn and connect with the global Wearable Technology ecosystem.

Wearable World is the answer to the call for a united community voice. Wearable World brings all aspects of our business offerings together nicely under one overarching umbrella, including GLAZED Conferences, WeCodeWe, Wearable Wednesdays and the Incubator. Through these programs, Wearable World acts as the catalyst for future Wearable Technology innovation. While we still believe that GLASS is a part of the future of Wearable Tech, we feel now is the time to expand our brand and corporate commitment to include and embrace the multitude of viable platforms coming online.”

Since the company’s inception in May 2013, Wearable World has evolved to become the leading resource in the Wearable Technology and IOT space, presenting the first ever Wearable Technology conference, GLAZED Conference, in September 2013, initiating the first SF based incubator project, currently vetting 200+ applicants, and launching technical educational programs focused on Wearable Technology and IOT.

Wearable World hosts the first Wearable Wednesday December 11, 2013 (click here for tickets), the GLAZED Summit in March 2014 and the second installment of the GLAZED Conference in August of 2014. Wearable World also plans to announce its 2014 class of Wearable World Incubator startups in late December 2013.

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