Startup Monthly 3.0 San Francisco Iteration Kick-Off Party!

Startup Monthly 3.0 San Francisco Iteration Kick-Off Party!

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When: Wed, Oct 26, 7-12 pm
Where: DNA Lounge, 375 11th (Eleventh) St., San Francisco

7pm-8pm Free food, First drink free, Networking – Chillout/Ambient music
8pm-8:15pm Intro to San Francisco Idea Accelerator 3.0 that starts on Nov 20th.
8:15pm-12pm Party/Disco Happy House/House/Dance/Pop music

Join San Francisco & Silicon Valley entrepreneurs community for a *SUPER* happy hour, mingle with Startup Monthly participants and team while enjoying included appetizers, first free drink + more and more drinks at the bar and….music, mixed for you (and other guests 🙂 by our professional friends DJs!

At this party you will be able to get the lowest price for our Nov 20 SanFrancisco Ice Breaker Event – $20*Cash only!* (compared to $30 early bird or $60 regular price) – do not miss this unique chance!

RSVP for the party:
– $12 before Oct 24 via Meetup if you are a Meetup member)
– $12 before Oct 24 via Eventbrite
(convenient if you are not a Meetup member)
– $20 at the door (always convenient 🙂 – *Cash only!*

We would like to offer additional free drink for every channel you use to promote our party: the promo will be limited to 600 party participants

Lets shake San Francisco with great entrepreneurs party where you might meet your co-founder, hack your next idea, meet your love!

We look forward to meeting you and your friends at the party!

~Startup Monthly Team

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