Startup Spotlight: Bushi-go, Inc.

This week we’re featuring Bushi-go in our Startup Spotlight series.

The Pitch:
Our company is a mobile gaming startup called “Bushi-go, Inc.” here in the SF Bay Area.  We are working with building long-form entertainment products into an episodic format for delivery onto mobile devices.  Up until now we have been primarily self-funded because the concept we are floating is very new for mobile gaming and as of yet untested, the publishers are still looking to the social games.  On top of that, part of our mandate is to find a way to produce these high-value products quickly (8Mo dev cycle) and on a tight budget (100k or less).  We have spoken with a couple of VC’s and Angel investors in the past and the key comment that has come back every time is that we are just dealing in numbers small to be interesting right now.  To finish the product and prove our concept we need around $20k total, 10k is already being put up by the founders, and we have gone to Kickstarter to try and crowd-source the rest.

About Company:
Bushi-go, Inc. was founded on the idea that waiting just a little bit can be a good thing.  It lets you get your entertainment fix the the kinds of bites that fit into your schedule, waiting for the kids to get out of soccer, waiting for the school-bus to drop you at the very last stop on the line.  You don’t lways have the time or the inclination to burn through 15+ hours of game content in a weekend and the twitch-game action of puzzlers and matchup games just isn’t going to satisfy your love of a good story.  Ten minutes a week, we can fix all that.

More Info:
The site for the game has been trickling world and backstory content for about two months now, and a prequel novel is set to be released in e-book form on March 15th.

You can find our Kickstarter project and video at:

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