Teller Wins Founders Space Pitch Competition

Finterest, Inc. is the creator of teller, which was one of the winners of the Founders Space Pitch Competition. Over 30 startups pitched at Founders Space, and only 3 startups won!

There are 78M hourly wage workers in the US living with 100% income volatility, their employers suffer from 70% attrition rate on average. teller is a mobile first solution born at the intersection of these two problems, that reduces attrition of hourly wage workers and increases financial stability by allowing employers to provide daily cash incentives for behaviors that matter to their bottom line.

Contact: [email protected]

Traction? Pre-launch & Revenue Positive (2yr contract with Caspex for their 100 employees), Piloting with Chick-Fil-A, Onboarding 2500 1099 workers via Track

LinkedIn Profiles of Founders:

Akshay Krishnaiah, Founder & CEO
Akshay Peshave, Co-founder & CRO
Prince Nishchal, Co-founder & CTO

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