The 2015 Innovation Nanshan Entrepreneurship Star

The Innovation Nanshan “Entrepreneurship Star” Contest is an annually-held large-sized selection activity not only focusing on local Nanshan, but also opening up to the whole world, which is hosted by Shenzhen Nanshan District People’s Government and the Science & Technology Commission of Shenzhen Municipality.

It’s organized by Nanshan District Science Technology and Innovation Bureau and Nanshan District Hi-tech Incubator Service Center, supported by ‘Get In Tech’salon, Nanshan Incubator Alliance and Innovation Nanshan Entrepreneurship Investment Alliance, aiming at “Encouraging innovation and supporting venturing”.

Since the 1st session of “Entrepreneurship Star” Contest held in 2008, its influence and coverage has been further expanded and become the platform of projects selection for many venture capital institutions as well as the platform of competition for entrepreneurs.

In the past seven years, this Contest attracted 4975 projects in total to participate, over 2000 investors and experts to be the judges of Contest,hundreds of inspecting projects ,more than 20 mainstream media releasing news nearly 700, there in 122 enterprises and 96 venturing teams obtained the awards of RMB 32 million from the government funds.

Moreover, it encouraged nearly 100 investment institutions to invest the venture capital up to RMB 1.5 billion in Nanshan District. The domestic mainstream media and investment institutions have paid much attention to this Contest. Therefore, this Contest has become a “Business Card” of service for innovation and venturing in Nanshan and in Shenzhen as well.

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