The Fisherman & The VC

There was a man who fished two hours a day, caught enough fish to feed his family and make a small profit, then enjoyed his free time playing his guitar, dancing with his wife, and chatting with his friends until late into the night.

Then a VC came along and told the man to spend more time at sea, catch as many fish as possible, invest the profits in more boats, then build a cannery, launch a global distribution network, dominate the seafood markets, and change the world!

“By the time you are ready to retire,” said the VC, “You will have made a fortune!”

“And after that?” said the fisherman.

“After that,” said the VC, “You can buy a mansion on the beach and enjoy your free time playing your guitar, dancing with your wife, and chatting with your friends until late into the night.”

The fisherman replied, “Isn’t that what I am doing now?”

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