Visa’s Challenge

Our partner, KITE, is working with VISA to help them tackle 3 different marketing challenges by finding them good startups who could solve those problems. Founders Space startups are invited to participate in this challenge.

VISA is offering a $50K pilot to each suitable candidate and potential of recurring relation if the pilot is successful.

They’re looking for startups that can help VISA help with following three business challenges:

  1. Drive Digital Commerce: Innovative technology with a consumer engagement approach that can effectively raise awareness and drive user enrollment and trial of Visa Checkout.
  2. Inspire Millennials: A consumer engagement tool that will engage millennials and help them reach their goals of financial security and sound financial management.
  3. Reward Members: Engaging tools and services that build consumer loyalty with Visa Signature cards and drives active preference in an innovative manner throughout the digital ecosystem.

Here’s the link to apply:

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