VLppl parnters with Founders Space

VLppl is more intimate and effective than LinkedIn at connecting with the “right” people.

VLppl stands for “Virtual Linkage” and ppl stands for “People.”

Here’s how it works in the founder’s own words:

Ever run out of ideas for reasons to connect with people who may be a key contact in future without sounding too salesy? Virtual Linkages are good excuses to connect and reconnect as well as helping those contacts succeed.

1. Send a linkage whether known or cold – with subject that states intent:

Subject: Virtual Linkage: Person A and Person B.

2. Content of Virtual Linkage should state the occupation and purpose of the linkage. Also how the person relates to you (if known). If cold – give purpose why linkage would be of value to one another. Example of VL of known parties (“warm contacts”):

Person A: I met Person B via a virtual linkage and since then we’ve communicated on various topical matters. Person B is a recruiter in the Biotech field. He is currently looking for x – see his site at y and/or his bio at: http://www

Person B: Hope you are doing well and staying warm this holiday season. Well, Person A manages a LinkedIn network group for recruiters. Thought you might find of interest. Example of VL of unknown parties (“cold contacts”) Person A: Person C is the director of x and has insight on projects related to what you do. His bio is at:

Person C: Person A is working a project and may need your expert insight. Thought you might be a good resource for this and this would be an overall good linkage.

Additional notes: If you can add tidbits of personality of one of the parties – you may want to catch w/in the email. VLs also helps to process your emails to see which emails are good and which linkages has changed their emails or moved on from a company. VLs also provides feedback on which linkages are more responsive about engaging folks and helping folks.

Benefits of VLppl:

  • Help your friends build up their business contacts which in turn may result in improving their businesses.
  • Help yourself better understand your friends’ professional capabilities and their business needs.
  • Make the world a better place through thoughtful, relevant connections.
  • Help create your personal brand as someone who cares enough to invest time and effort to help others.
  • Broaden your own network as VLs are extended and when others VL back.

Charles Jo and Johnson Hor are the cofounders, and we’ve been using VLppl to expand Founders Space.  I can honestly say, it works wonders.  We’ve expanded our Advisor pool significantly in just one week of Virtual Linkages.

Give it a try, and if you have questions, contact Charles Jo at charles.jo [at] vlppl.com or Johnson Hor at johnson.hor [at] vlppl.com or visit http://dotobjects.com/vlppl/?cat=3

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