Review: If you like Make Elephants Fly, we think you might also like another book that sheds light on how Silicon Valley works, Valley Speak: Deciphering the Jargon of Silicon Valley by Rochelle Kopp and Steven Ganz. Where Steve Hoffman’s book shows you how you can innovate like the best of those who came before you, Valley Speak gives you a grasp of the ‘lay of the land’: the techniques, assumptions, and jargon that you will need to navigate.

Within this book, you’ll find concise descriptions of concepts and terms related to innovation, agile development, venture funding, startup marketing, and more. You’ll also find a diversity of strongly held opinions, including from Silicon Valley luminaries, around how companies here get off the ground. Choose which to take to heart and which to set aside, but by all means understand them. With this background, you’ll appreciate even more clearly why Captain Hoff’s ideas on innovation are right on the money!

Valley Speak has recently become available at several Hudson Booksellers airport locations, so if you are visiting Silicon Valley or Seattle and wanting to quickly get up to speed on many of the terms and perspectives you are likely to encounter when interacting with startups and investors, look for it in the airport bookstores. It’s also available on Amazon.

Rating: ★★★