VCs never like to say…

1. “I can’t remember what you do.”

Always give the VCs a quick refresher when you meet them.

2. “I don’t get your product.”

Always check to make sure the VCs understood what you said.

3. “I’ve seen this before.”

Always ask the VCs if they’ve seen similar products.

4. “Let me introduce you to more investors.”

Always ask if the VCs can make any introductions. You may be surprised.

5. “I have a great idea for you.”

Always ask the VCs if they have any ideas of their own. This gets them on your side.

6. “I don’t believe you’re the right CEO.”

Always ask the VCs if they believe you are the best person for the CEO role. You need to know what they honestly think of you.

7. “You’re out of my range.”

Always ask the VCs if your valuation is in line. You may be way off base.

8. “You’ve missed something critical.”

Always ask if there’s anything critical that you didn’t cover.