The High Price of a Bachelors Degree!

by Ruby Claire of

To obtain a Bachelor’s degree from a top university is growing more expensive year after year. The reason seems to be the very simple: a Bachelor’s degree can improve the earning capabilities of an individual by a large degree — excuse the pun!

It is estimated that at least a million dollars more can be earned over a working lifetime (25-64) with a Bachelors degree compared to those who lack one.

Basic requirements, like food and medical costs, are now 3.5 and 7 times what they used to be 30 years ago, while the higher education costs rose to 12 times in the same time period.

Although geographically not so far away, to be a Bachelor’s graduate in Mexico costs you $1,000 per year, while to be a Bachelor’s graduate in a United States university costs you $26,000.

The costliest place to pursue the bachelors graduation is Columbia University, NY, with tuition fees coming to a total of $45,000.

The degree with most scarcity for job openings is “Women’s Studies” from the George Washington University, which will cost you $40,000.  How do you pay for this?

Below is shown the cost of university educations all around the world:

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