How do we get marketing departments to send us RFPs?


How do we get marketing departments to send us RFPs for promoting upcoming movies and television shows? Should we simply cold call in to the marketing departments, join certain organizations, or show up in person and knock on doors?


by Brett Miller

I think the better question is “Do you want to reply to an RFP in the first place?”

See my article:…

The article covers the following issues around RFPs…

1. Providing Definition

2. Inclusion into Contract Documents

3. Competitive Pricing

4. Comparisons, Made Easy

5. Focus on Objectivity

6. Reduces Risk

7. Reduces “in-house” complaints

8. Better Vendor Participation

9. Professional Image

10. Project Funding

Brett Miller

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  1. Sangita says:

    Thanks for the RFP info, but that aside, does anyone also have some advice on the question of how to best start working with marketing departments of movie and TV studios? I’d love to know too! Thanks.