The Hierarchy of Facebook vs. Google

by Ruby Claire of

Inspite of their similar origins, internet market giants Facebook and Google vary a lot in their purpose, beliefs and goals.

Google began in 1996 when Larry Page and Sergey Brin took their PHD project and started bringing it to life as a business. They brought into the market a new system of managing the webpage importance by a term called “PageRank”.  This is determined by the number of pages that link to the website.

They were real game changers because until then only pages with greater frequency of the search terms used to come out on top. Thus, fake and irrelevant sites that followed tricks, like keyword stuffing, were restricted and site developers had to work something of value if they wanted to be found by Google.

On the other hand, Facebook, with its initial name Facemash and later “The Facebook”, started off as a hobby project and grew leaps and bounds with the popularity among the Harvard, Stanford and the Yale students. In the year 2005, a domain name was registered for $200,000 and the site grew exponentially from then on.

Below are people who currently work at the top level of the Hierarchy for both the Palo Alto-based internet marvels:

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