Three Characteristics of a Successful Entrepreneur

Karen Milde, CEO and Co-Founder, Reframe Marketing Inc.

1. Belief
Successful entrepreneurs begin their business with a vision – a dream. They act on these dream by taking small steps towards accomplishing their goals. With every step entrepreneurs get closer to attaining their ultimate goal or vision. However, not all steps are easy to take. Nothing worth fighting for is easy to attain, especially when beginning a business. Successful entrepreneurs only made it through difficult times by being strong-willed. They never let pessimism stand in their way.

Entrepreneurs’ self-belief and confidence enables them to succeed.They have faith in their ability to succeed and persevere when others might give up. Those who have found success believe they can make it work and never allow circumstances to place a limit on their potential.

2. Self- Motivated
Entrepreneurs must have great determination to succeed, no matter how difficult. Beginning your own business requires determination to nurture your ideas, problem solve, and stick it out when others may give up.

Though the support of friends and family is motivating, successful entrepreneurs cannot always rely on others to hold them accountable. Unfortunately,it takes hard work to create your own business; most people need someone to encourage them along the way. When people do not have someone to hold them accountable, they may let their work’s quality suffer.

The key is to believe in your own potential and maintain a high level of motivation, regardless of the attitudes of those around you.

3. Leadership
Leadership is made evident by the enthusiasm of followers. The ability to lead is the bedrock of building a team, leading them to realize your entrepreneurial vision, and effective selling. As an entrepreneur, you must be the leader of your venture.

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  1. sam smith says:

    I have been following the career of Mark Hurd for the last few years now, since he has taken over at Oracle. I have also been impressed with this leadership and ability to turn a company around. Here is his executive biography from Oracle for those of you wishing to learn about how to be successful in business:

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