Why Pay More for Verizon? Save Your $$$ for Your Business!



Okay, so everyone says they love Verizon because they hate AT&T.  Well, if you’re a startup founder, you’re better off with a lower-priced carrier.

Here are my four pet peeves about Verizon:

1)  Verizon is the MOST expensive carrier.  T-mobile is a bargain compared to Verizon.  Just compare the prices.

2)  Verizon has more coverage, but does it really matter?   Most people use their phones primarily at work and home.  If another carrier has good coverage in your city, why should you pay more for Verizon?

3)  Verizon’s data network has been going down lately.  Pretty sad for a company that charges more for their service based on the perception that they never go down or drop calls.  And yes, Verizon does drop calls.

4) Lastly, if you switch from Verizon to another carrier, which I recently did, they stick it to you by charging you for service even after the date on which you requested them to terminate your service.  That’s right!  Let’s say you switch from Verizon to AT&T –they’ll continue to bill you even after they’ve stopped providing the service.   I complained about this to Verizon, but they said that if I wanted to port my number, I had to pay for the entire month, even when my service was no longer available.  Rip-off!

Frankly, I think all the carriers suck — each in their own special way.  And with AT&T trying to gobble up T-Mobile, we’ll have even less of a choice.  If you’re a startup trying to save every penny, I say you simply go with the least expensive option you can find, and right now that’s T-Mobile.

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