Window of Opportunity: The Best Times in Your Life to Start a Business

What are the best times in your life to start a business?

The best times in life to start a business are when you…

  • Just quit your job
  • Just lost everything
  • Just graduated
  • Just broke up
  • Just got hired
  • Just came into this world (too early!)
  • Just died (too late!)
  • Just moved
  • Just lived life as usual
  • Just got sick (sorry, not a good time)
  • Just got fired
  • Just got a laptop
  • Just feel in love (this can be distracting)
  • Just started school
  • Just got married
  • Just got a kid (not really)
Comments & Advice:
  1. marvin says:

    I decided to enter some online business to add my current income from being an agent in a BPO.

  2. Spedrick says:

    I find that a business that promotes good health and has a fast growing binary downline is the way to go. Anyone else agree?

  3. andrew says:

    How about just want to work part-time to supplement your income?

  4. I juat got laid off therefore i’m getting paid