Founders Space TV

Raising Capital, Closing Deals & Understanding China

Captain Hoff is the author of Make Elephants Fly and the CEO of Founders Space.

In this video, Captain Hoff answers the following questions:

• How do you close deals with Chinese investors?

• How do you launch your business to China?

• What are the opportunities with China right now?

• How do Chinese invest in Silicon Valley startups?

• What are Chinese VCs looking for in a startup?

What is a Startup Incubator?

What are the Best Startup Incubators & Accelerators in Silicon Valley?

What is Series A Funding for Startups?

Besides Silicon Valley what other great tech hubs are there?

Can a tech startup succeed without the help of an incubator or accelerator?

Can you launch a startup without the help of venture capital?

How do you come up with new ideas for a startup?

How do you find an A-list tech team for a startup?

How do young talent in developing countries connect with companies in Silicon Valley and Europe?

How long should you wait before sending a follow up email to someone in Silicon Valley?

Is it normal for venture capital brokers to charge a fee?

Should you hire a developer or find a technical cofounder?

What are things that will provide the most value in fintech?

What funds and accelerators are interested in AI startups?

What is the hardest thing about doing a tech startup vs a traditional business?

What stage is pre-revenue in venture capital?

Why is there so little money from venture capital for higher education?

The Keys to Radical Innovation and Successful Startups

Pitching Investors