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Should you hire a developer or find a technical cofounder?

What are things that will provide the most value in fintech?

What funds and accelerators are interested in AI startups?

What is the hardest thing about doing a tech startup vs a traditional business?

What stage is pre-revenue in venture capital?

Why is there so little money from venture capital for higher education?

The Keys to Radical Innovation and Successful Startups

Make Elephants Fly: Challenge Your Beliefs

By Steven Hoffman, the author of Make Elephant Fly!

Pitching Investors

Make Elephant Fly: The Process of Radical Innovation

Who is the Greatest Entrepreneur No One Talks About? (Founders Space) VIDEO

How to conquer the world with all the odds stacked against you.

Bosch Innovation Program (Founders Space)

Founders Space recently completed running an innovation program for BOSCH, the large German company, where we took 8 internal teams from the idea stage all the way through to market validation during the 3 month program. This program was highly successful and resulted in great learning throughout the company, as well as the launch of several new initiatives.

VC Perspectives on Startup Journey from Innovation to IPO

VC Perspectives on Startup Journey from Innovation to IPO


Steve Hoffman – Captain & CEO of Founders Space
David Lane – Founding Managing Director, Diamondhead Ventures

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Computers from Living Cells (Founders Space) VIDEO

3D Printed Human Organs (Founders Space) VIDEO

Artificial Intelligence Will Steal Your Job (Founders Space) VIDEO

Captain Hoff, the CEO of Founders Space, presents insights on new technology and trends in Silicon Valley.