Do I need an attorney to incorporate?


I will be incorporating my company in Los Angeles, CA and was interested in knowing if I would need a licensed attorney to represent my company before I submit.


Naomi Kokubo

Naomi Kokubo

by Naomi Kokubo, Cofounder of Founders Space

Legally, you don’t need an attorney to incorporate, but unless you’ve done it many times before, it’s a good idea.  You may want to have an attorney look over your documentation and make sure you are choosing the right entity for your business.

That said, one good online tool for incorporating yourself is Orrick’s Startup Toolkit.  This is geared towards startups seeking venture funding, so it may not be right for your business.  Also, there are numerous companies that help small business owners incorporate at a low cost. Consider using a filing service such as Legal Zoom where they file all the documents with the state, get your record book, and more.

Anyhow, before you take this step, sit down with someone who understands your particular business and can help you figure this out.   It always pays to get as much advice as possible upfront.

I hope this helps!

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  1. That's awesome! Thank you for your help!