Distinguished Author Series – Make Elephants Fly

Make-Elephants-Fly-Cover-FoundersIt’s a no-brainer: You gain from understanding your brain.

So you can afford to skip the gym, yoga and Netflix one time and instead on Monday, Nov 20 pamper the most deserving organ in your body by taking it out to this Double Play where a significant advance in Evolutionary Psychology meets a highly-regarded book – Make Elephants Fly – The Process of Radical Innovation.

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Silicon Valley is a raging meritocracy.

What’s the best way to win in a highly competitive race? Get a head start.

If you’re a results-driven entrepreneur, then the most time AND cost-effective way to get that jump start vital to assuring your professional future is to attend this event.

Here’s four explicit reasons why that claim is valid:

(1) It’s indisputable that if you’re aiming for commercial success, then communicating with confidence, conviction and credibility is a necessary competence to acquire.

The good news is that due to a rash of recent findings in brain-based disciplines, acquiring that core skill set is no longer the art it was for millennia, but instead communicating persuasively is a proficiency you can readily learn.

(2) If want to gain competence in persuasive communication, then it’s vital you understand how the decision-making machinery of the brain operates; and in particular, why the brain approaches some offers, while avoiding others. Lacking that illumination, you’re fumbling in the dark.

(3) Although it’s always a good time to gain from knowing your brain, now is a particularly propitious moment to come up to speed.

Fueled by a run of groundbreaking progress in mapping the brain in unprecedented detail, brain-based sciences are experiencing a renaissance of astonishing discoveries, many of them providing actionable insights on challenges founders typically face.

(4) Occasionally a groundbreaking book appears that not only exemplifies the three reasons above, but also provides examples founders can put to practical use in topics relevant to Influencing Others.

So to take advantage of such a fortuitous event, we temporarily re-brand the Influence Others meetup as The Distinguished Author Series and divide it into two parts.

First, a summary of recent science supporting topics in the book. And, in this case, it’s from the exciting discipline of Evolutionary Psychology which describes the fascinating journey humans embarked on starting 6 million years ago when our hominid ancestors split from their gorilla and chimpanzee cousins to exploit bi-pedal locomotion, a momentous step (both literally and figuratively), culminating in the behavioral modernity we now ‘enjoy’.

In particular, well-regarded researchers have explained (and confirmed) an intriguing conjecture: The ability to project confidence was crucial in Homo Sapiens ascendancy to the pinnacle of primate evolution.

‘Evolution generates incentives for displaying maximum confidence, independent of actual ability.’

As a result, overconfident individuals gain the highest social status simply by being overconfident.

In the second part, Steve Hoffman, a serially successful entrepreneur, deeply immersed in the worldwide startup scene will discuss How Successful Entrepreneurs Reprogram Their Minds, a core theme occurring throughout his book – Make Elephants Fly: The Process of Radical Innovation.

As a sought-after dynamic speaker at major conferences and research centers, Steve has the hands-on experience to explain how to remodel your mind to maximize the self-confidence you project, so it lights up a room.


NOTE: Because our sponsors – Buchalter and OnePieceWork – believe in contributing to the startup community, the class is complimentary. Food and drinks are provided.

6.00 – 6.30 – Meet & Greet (Food and Drinks)

6.30 – 6:45 – Community Announcements

6.45 – 7.30 – Self Delusion – The Science Behind Flying Elephants (Nathan Schor)

7.30 – 7.45 – Break

7.45 – 8.30 – How Successful Entrepreneurs Reprogram Their Minds (Steve Hoffman)

NOTE: It’s highly recommended you RSVP here as seating in building is limited by San Francisco Fire Marshal regulations and given the pertinent topic, it’s likely the space will fill up. Plus, you’ll save time at the registration desk. (And also help us to know how much food to order. J )

Make Elephants Fly – The Process of Radical Innovationexposesthe process of creating and commercializing genuinely disruptive business models. Drawing on case studies from the most innovative startups in Silicon Valley, this step-by-step guide shows you how to develop, validate and launch your next huge idea.

Why This Is An Important Book

In today’s world, everyone will need to innovate to stay competitive. It doesn’t matter if you’re a startup founder, corporate executive, small business owner, freelancer or professional, there’s a technology out there that’s going to upend your industry. And if you aren’t able to harness it to your advantage, someone else will. Innovation is no longer an option–-it’s the price of admission into the business world.

What You’ll Learn From This Book

The book is designed to help you implement the same innovation methodologies and processes as Silicon Valley startups. It will teach you:

Exactly how startups come up with breakthrough products and services.

What are the methods entrepreneurs use to innovate?

How do you structure innovation teams?

What are the best ways to identify and vet new ideas?

What does it take to foster a culture of innovation?

And how can you put in place a process of innovation throughout your organization?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

PRESENTER – Steve Hoffman heads Founders Space with facilities in San Francisco and Shanghai, so naturally takes a global perspective on the startup community. Because of his extensive participation in overseas colloquia and speaker at major conferences and research centers, those hands on engagements provided him with insights not only about emerging technology across the globe, but also how investors are likely to responds as those advances enter the marketplace.

PRESENTER – Nathan Schor hosts a popular meetup – Influence Others – which advocates entrepreneurs take a neuroscience slant toward their sales/marketing because that discipline paints the shortest path between a startup’s present state and its commercial success.

In the meetup, he applies recent discoveries coming out of neural science labs to the sales and marketing challenges startup teams face. Attendees gain advantageous insights helping them in two crucial ways – create strong messaging likely to gain a customer’s attention and deliver that content in a compelling way.

SPONSOR – Buchalter, a regional law firm with offices in Los Angeles, Napa Valley, Orange County, Sacramento, San Francisco and Scottsdale providing a full suite of business services covering all stages of a company’s growth.

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