Foreign Startups Mixer and Pitch

FOREIGN STARTUPS brings together founders and executives of technology start-ups seeking traction and growth in the United States. The event hosts global entrepreneurs and professionals from tech startups at various stages of growth, with a common purpose of transition and growth in the U.S. and globally. We are passionate about our ventures and bring you success stories that are redefining our world and future.

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Our Speaker Segment features entrepreneurs and investors from the Silicon Valley’s startup ecosystem, often founders who started abroad and grew their ventures in the U.S.

On Nov 9th we’ll feature Steven Hoffman (Captain Hoff), Chairman of Founders Space, a leading incubator in the U.S. and ranked by Forbes as #1 Startup Accelerator for foreign startups. Steven is a serial entrepreneur, author, investor, mentor, and much more, and has trained hundreds of startup founders globally. At this event, he will talk about Raising Capital in Silicon Valley.

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