Global Blockchain Investment Summit on March 30

The 2018 Global Blockchain Investment Summit, hosted jointly by HYSTA and GBIB (Global Blockchain Investment Bank), will take place on Friday Mar 30th in Santa Clara, USA.

With the theme “Unraveling Mysteries of the Future-changing Blockchain Technology”, this event aims at bringing the deepest insights in blockchain technology, especially from the perspectives of technology, investment and entrepreneurship. It will feature 30+ industry experts, top-tier investors and successful entrepreneurs in one of the most in-depth discussions of blockchain as a technology, an industry and the core of many emerging business opportunities.

• Demo opportunities: available upon application. Please send pitch deck to [email protected];
• Booths: available for exhibition at the conference venue. Please send inquiry to [email protected].

• Shoucheng Zhang: Founding Chairman of DHVC; Professor of Physics at Stanford University
• Eric Ly: Founder and CEO of Hub; Co-founder of Linkedin;
• Scott Robinson: Founder and VP of Plug and Play Fintech; Top 100 Fintech Influencer
• Andrew Tang: Managing Director at Draper Dragon Fund; CEO of Hero City at Draper University
• Paul Veradittakit: Partner at Pantera Capital
• Adam Ludwin: Co-founder and CEO of
• Weijie Yun: Founder and Managing Partner at Tyche Partners (Fireside Chat with Adam)
• Preethi Kasireddy: Founder & CEO of Schelling; Former Partner at Andreessen Horowitz
• Eric Van Miltenburg: SVP of Business Operations at Ripple
• Ron Cao: Founder and Managing Director at Sky9 Capital, Investor of, BTCC
• Tim Byun: CEO of OKCoin USA
• Srinivasan Sriram: Founder & CEO of Skuchain
• Eugene Zhang: Founding Partner at TSVC
• Larry Li: Managing & Founding Partner at Amino Capital, Investor of String Labs, NuCypher
• Olivia Wang: VP of ZhenFund
• Maclane Wilkison: CEO of NuCypher
• Liang Lu: Founder and CEO of 5 miles and Cybermiles
• Xiahong Lin: Founder of Bodhi Network
• Toni Xu: Founder and CEO of Super Game Chain
• Alex Witt: CFO of SWFTCoin

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