Great Design has a Story

What are the elements of great design, and how can we achieve it? In this panel presentation, we bring together three experts to share their outlook and approach to doing great design.

Through the lens of three different design environments – physical products, software and the world of art and fashion – our panelists will talk about how they use design to improve everyday experiences and change lives.

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Mark Rose

Mark Rose
Mark is currently the lead Product Manager for the Nest Learning Thermostat. Mark has over 15 years experience in product management with Motorola, PayPal, and E*TRADE, and also founded a number of startups. His favorite startups were Spare Change, which was the first and largest micropayments company on Facebook, which drove to an acquisition by Visa, and a ridesharing startup Ridezu, which drove itself into the ground.
A consumer experience zealot, Mark loves the critical role that design has to play in creating and evolving great consumer products.
Margeaux Mann

Margeaux Profile shotWith a degree in Graphic Communications, Studies in Industrial Design and Studies in Strategic Design at Art Center and Interaction Design at Cooper U, I bring a deep understanding of User Goal Based Design.

Margeaux began her career as a Graphic Designer and quickly moved up to Art Director. She has had the privilege of working in some of the most prestigious companies and with some of the most talented people. As a User Experience Designer, she uses a process of empathetic interviews and research to get a grasp of the goals of the project. Researching the competitive landscape and then discovering the user pain-points allows for the creation of personas and scenarios. That coupled with working with great Information Architects and Visual Designers she is able to create a user experience that is lean and simple to navigate getting the user to their end goal.

Mariya Milovidova

1796039_10152857631571265_3956312867351899306_o_largeMariya is an artist, a fashion designer and an entrepreneur. She has attracted celebrity clients from Hollywood to Bollywood, and been featured in fashion weeks from Paris to New York, to her base in San Francisco.

Mariya has turned heads in the fashion world, from her famous custom paintings put on silk dresses to technology inspired vests that light up to music, voices and, innevitably, applause.

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