How To Finish Your Year Before It Starts

How you start your year is going to determine how strong you finish it. On January 14, Dru Babcock is doing a “Planning” bootcamp. For the price of 2 starbucks, you can land in 2017 with a running start.

Registration details here.

What is included in this 1-Day Intensive Founders Bootcamp?

Get over the 7 Massive Mistakes: Learn How To Get Your Dream Product off of the Runway, Make an Impact in The World, and Get Funded NOW!

  • Find Your Peak-performance, Success Mindset formula during this full day of world-class Business Coaching by Dru Babcock of Power Curve Coaching.
  • And special guest segment by Nathan Gold.
  • Leave with clear, intelligent and inspiring actions on your calendar for all of 2017! Know exactly what to do and when!
  • Disc / Values assessment reports
  • A 90 -Day Flight Plan of Action for 2017: Quarter One visioned and calendared, then Milestones for the entire year!
  • Also, an Invitation to our exclusive Snow-Kiting trip in 2017 to pitch Investors.
  • Connect with other tech founders
  • Read Coach Dru’s best-selling book now: Who’s Your Co-Pilot
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