Innovation The Right Way With Steve Hoffman (Podcast)

Listen to Steve Hoffman and master innovation strategies that successful company CEOs and Founders use to move their companies ahead.

Tune in to learn the following:

• Steve’s career path and what led him to focus on helping CEOs and Founders all over the world
• The reason why many inventors die poor
• The difference between invention and innovation
• Ways to apply core technology to an industry and profit
• What not to do when leading teams to innovate
• How the composition of your team impacts business funding
• The #1 skill every CEO needs in any type of company
• The problem with most ideas professionals come up with for their business
• Team traits that kill innovation success
• The most important person on an innovation project
• The #1 thing angel investors look for in startup companies
• Leveraging powerful behaviors to increase motivation and innovation
• The difference between incremental and radical innovation
• Opportunities to lower risk of radical innovation and potential failure
• Examples of how failed businesses spring-boarded successes
• Mental shifts needed to innovate successfully
• How inclusion leads to better innovation

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