HealthTech: NeuralLink, Brain Hacking & MindTech – The Future of Brain Computer Interfaces

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Steve Hoffman is the Captain & Chairman of Founders Space and author of the award-winning book Make Elephants Fly. In this talk, Hoffman will discuss the latest brain technologies and how they will transform our lives and the world. Find out how will brain chips, EEG, dream readers and BCI devices will change the way we think, communicate and interact with one another. Discover the promise and perils of a world where everyone’s mind is connected to the Internet. And learn how this new technology will transform every business on the planet.

• What is brain hacking and how does it work?
• Will everyone have a chip in their brain someday?
• How can we extend life, and is immortality possible?
• What will it be like to have your brain connected to the Internet?

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