Poe Man’s Challenge San Francisco

poemanThe Poe Man’s Challenge is a pitch competition that has two components. The first is entrepreneurs will teach students about their company so they are founders for a day. The second is an opportunity for you to pitch your company in front of judges, such as Dontari himself, partners from 500 Startups and TechStars to win a $15k investment from NFL Star and KC Chief Dontari Poe.

10 entrepreneurs will get selected to participate.

Date: March 30th, 2016. The mentoring starts at 11am and the evening pitch event starts at 6:30pm.

Location: PARISOMA — 169 11th Street, San Francisco

If you want to teach youth about entrepreneurship and have the chance to win a $15k investment from NFL Star KC Chief Dontai Poe, sign up by March 20th for the Poe Man’s Challenge today.

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