Policy Hackers: Apply Now for the 2021-2022

Policy Hackers: Apply Now for the 2021-2022 Cohort

The application deadline is July 18, 2021.

Fellows will remain in their current roles while engaging with policy experts, lobbyists, academics, and government officials throughout the year-long program, including summits in DC and the Bay Area. The programming is aimed at helping fellows build the skills to navigate and engage effectively in the policy arena, while developing a principled framework for thinking about the regulation of emerging technologies.

The program will feature small group discussions and seminars on topics such as:

– How to influence the policy process
– How to work with think tanks, trade associations, and public affairs or lobbying firms
– Principles for the regulation of emerging technologies
– Legislative procedure and regulatory process
– How to work with state and federal agencies
– How to engage with the media
– Bespoke programming based on individual needs and interests
– The program will include the following activities (all travel expenses covered):

Washington, DC: In person convening September 15-17, 2021
San Francisco, CA: In person convening December 8-11, 2021

Virtual Sessions: Biweekly seminars with issue experts and policymakers.

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