Silicon Valley Frontier Technology Spotlight

fronttech 560

Organizer: Silicon Valley Innovation Channel Ding Ding TV

Co-Organizers: FoundersSpace | F50 | RAVV |Skychee Venture | TSVC

Partners: Stanford University | Acron | Great Wall Strategy |Chengdu Innovation Development Zone | JITRI | Keiretsu Forum | NewGen Capital | Cybernaut | Alchemist | Always on | Angels Global | Coretronic Venture Capital

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Silicon Valley Frontier Technology Spotlight is a gathering event for global investors that launching high-tech new product and Silicon Valley Frontier Technology Company demo. It is the first high-standard new technology launching event after the CES 2018 in Silicon Valley.

Gathering the most advanced new technology that represents the trend of the future. Offering a premier platform and networking opportunity for the top global investors and companies. Shinning spotlight on the latest frontier technology and cutting edge ideas from top start-ups in Silicon Valley and global. Top international investors involve in panel discussion to discuss the investing trend in future.

Come and join us on the deep discussion of the tech trends and ideas that are reshaping the world’s economy. The areas include:

Panel Discussion:

Cross board investment | Trend about technology investment

New Technology Demo:

Artificial Intelligence | Bio-Tech

Block Chain | Big Data

Speakers: Steve Hoffman: Captain & Founder of Founders Space

Randy Williams: Founder & CEO of Keiretsu Forum

Judges: Eugene Zhang: General Partner, TEEC Angel Fund

David Cao: Founder and CEO of F50

Ray Wu: Founding Partner of Skychee Ventures

Qing Liu: Executive President of Jiangsu Industrial Technology Research Institute

Lu Zhang: Founder of NewGen Capital

Tony Perkins: CEO of Alchemist & Always on

Hong Xue: Partner of Cybernaut

Jack Jia: Founder and CEO of Trusper

James Zhang: Co-Founder of BioDiscovery Inc

Mark Huang: President of ILC Holdings

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