Think BIG with Startup-Chile: Apply by May 18, 2021

Start-Up Chile has opened all of their financing lines. If you are an entrepreneur in the technology field and want to Think BIG, this is your chance. You have until May 18, 2021 to apply to their Build, Ignite, or Growth programs!

Not sure which program to choose? It depends on the development phase of your project:

Apply to Build if you are in the idea phase and have less than a year of development.

Apply to Ignite if you already have a validated prototype, you are scaling sales, and your project is less than 3 years old.

Apply to Growth if you want to scale to other markets, grow your consolidated business, and have sales of more than 80 million pesos (approx. US$114K) per year.

Go to Start-Up Chile for more information and to access the application form.

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