Ali Ashkanani, Cofounder of iProperty Network (UK & Kuwait)

Ali AshkananiFounders Space is not just a turning point for our startup, it’s a life changer.

As a startup, we always seek to be lean by applying the minimum viable product strategy. The ultimate goal for us is to grow and be a network of talented team players, who create wealth for our stakeholders in a competitive environment by reacting quickly and cost-effectively to changing markets. Founders Space applies the same strategy and mindset to its incubator and accelerator model.

From the very first step, which is applying to Founders Space, until the very end, you feel in-touch with the entrepreneurial spirit. Founders Space wastes no time putting you right in the action. Based on Forbes research, Founder Space and other accelerators, such as Y Combinator and 500 Startups, are some of the best accelerators in the world. We experienced that during Founders Space’s short and effective program. We were accelerated in almost 26 days, and we now have full access to Founders Space and its benefits for an entire year, which is impossible to find in any other accelerator/incubator.

Keep in mind, there is no accelerator that will provide you with the magic wand that will make you turn your dream into reality. You, as an entrepreneur, have to be the driver of your startup’s success. If you agree to that, then Founders Space will be the magic wand that will direct you, advise you, connect you, take care of you, and enlighten you.

Our startup does Crowdfunding for property investment. You won’t believe how much the courses, mentoring and connections we received during the Founders Space program have helped us refine, tune and calibrate our business model, pitching, partnerships, and many other aspects of our business. In every respect, the outcome to our business is making us move forward in the right way and recognize our blind spots, so we can avoid large mistakes.

Last but not least, the friendly and likeminded family who join the program with you are a real asset and lifelong brotherhood. I believe that the success of any entrepreneur requires having a strong belief in connecting with likeminded, successful people with the right attitude.

By being in an environment where you can work, receive mentoring everyday, and build a relationship with local American and foreign entrepreneurs from all over the globe is a precious added value that is hard to find. We were lucky to be part of it. I thank Captain Hoffman and Naomi Kokubo for their continuous support to us during the journey and in the days to come. I totally recommend that any foreign or local startup apply to Founders Space to get plugged into Silicon Valley, hone their skills, and accelerate their growth as a global market player.

I also want to thank all the mentors who we’re still in touch with. And I want to thank all the VCs and angel investors who we met and are still in touch with. The value of this network will move you forward in every way. Just ask us. We evolved and are still evolving rapidly. In Founders Space, you will earn, learn and grow your game.

Best of luck to all of you entrepreneurs out there, your success is our success. Keep it up!

Thank you, Shukran, in Arabic šŸ™‚

Ali Ashkanani
Cofounder of iProperty Network

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  1. Jerry Chan says:

    Hi Ali,

    I found you/your company info from Foundersspace

    Iā€™m visiting Valley until October 4 as targeted and will be going back to Yangon, Burma/ Myanmar. I have been investing time and money in Burma last several years already. If you are looking into expanding market share in Burma as well as South East Asia (SEA) to helping developing countries. I would be like to have compensation with you if possible during my stay in California.

    Looking forward to hear from you

    Jerry Chan/ May Kha Ventures
    [email protected]
    1408.839 26666 USA cell, Myanmar mobile 95 99 7161 2228