Andy Kohm , Cofounder of VendOp.Com (USA)

AndyI can’t start talking about Founders Space without mentioning their team, Steve Hoffman (Captain Hoff), Naomi Kokubo, Steve Austin and Nathan Schor. They are the core of the accelerator and each one brings real world expertise that is directly applicable to any startup.

Captain Hoff and Naomi were great to look at VendOp and really dig in to our business model. Nathan brought insight into how to make our marketing messaging way more effective. Steve Austin spends the most time with the startups, really sharing his experience and expertise in sales, pitching, building a business, taking to investors and much more. To supplement their experience and knowledge, many other mentors were brought in and spent an enormous amount of time with us.

Just as impressive as the mentors were the other startups in the program. We had companies from all over the world that are disrupting many different industries. Common between all of the companies was a passion for what they are doing coupled with incredible industry expertise.

The program is an intense two weeks that really helped solidify our business model and the next steps for our company. At the end, I can say that I gained an incredible network of mentors, advisors and friends.

Andy Kohm
​​Cofounder of VendOp.Com

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