Anton Zriashchev, CEO of inHome (Russia)

AntonFirst of all, Steve Hoffman is awesome guy. Very positive, well connected and highly experienced in all spheres of what any startup should know. It was pleasure to meet him first time at an FS event and pitch sessions later on. The place is good: quiet, there is a lot of room and free wi-fi is available.

The one month program was very short but very powerful according to program structure, sessions, master classes and meetings. Two main coaches, Steve Austin and Scott Gray, day-by-day taught us the key points: product market fit, pitch structure, presentation deck and presentation style, customer development issues, marketing and budgeting. A lot of valuable feedback regarding your startup. Sometimes Scott and Steve provided opposite advise, but you are a founder, you should make the final decision according to all information around you.

One more thing is online video content, which is available only for FS participants. It has a ton of valuable information, which is available 24/7. It’s a bible for founders, showing you how to avoid mistakes when you move forward step-by-step and build multi million dollar company.

Anton Zriashchev
CEO of inHome, Russia

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