Founders Space adds value in ways you don’t always see. Their online resources are great with boiler plate documents, a video / email series, advice, and connections for early stage companies that only a long career and Silicon Valley can get you.

If you want to learn how to pitch this is the place for you. Steve Austin is the Pitch-Trainer and he does not play around. He will tell you exactly what you need to do to get your message across clearly – AND IT WORKS. I now can pitch my business in 45 seconds, two minutes and 3 minutes.

They know how to communicate with investors and executives and for most of us startup founders, we don’t have the luxury of 20 years experience, so listen!

The pitch deck will come out solid and you will have smart people coming in to add value throughout the program.

If you need to learn the pitch or could use guidance from experienced founders and business-people, especially on a scalable software product, go for it.

Also – if you ever plan on working, selling, or getting investors in China – Steve Hoffman is deeply connected in China and throughout Asia. Lots of international possibilities.