Brandee Kathan, CEO of Society Source (USA)

BrandeeI will never forget the day last August when I found out that my startup was accepted into Founders Space. It was nothing less than pure joy. When you have tirelessly been pursuing your dreams and battling all of the hurdles and you receive this kind of news, you just dance in the excitement.

After it all set in, I started to explore the opportunities and knowledge that we would learn from the experience. All of the expectations that I had were blown away.

The amazing staff of FS, Steve and Scott and the other special guests, during our tenure continued to push the limits with knowledge and push the barriers. Steve and Scott gave us a whole lot of knowledge and were very engaging. We were lucky to be such a small batch and have amazing role models that continued to educate us!

We were so lucky to have such a quaint batch in our “9Alumni” group. We were from all walks of life and so many different creative startups. We learned so much from each other and have established strong friendships.

Hands down Founders Space is a forward thinking Accelerator/Incubator program that is not so much focused on pumping out a product and maybe-get-funded mentality. They have set up a program that walks you from the basics all the way through the sale/IPO. They have set up a great program that walks you through things like initial company structuring, setting up your team, building your team and & product, all the way to the exit strategies of your company.

Basically they have structured their program from start to finish. Also, what makes them different is the ongoing support system and continuous access to the programs. Once you have been accepted, you are part of the FS family and you can continue to grow and access the amenities available through FS.

Thank you to Steve and Naomi for building such a great environment for startups that might be at the napkin stage all the way up to the funding stage. To the future startups looking for an accelerator/incubator, if you’re looking for an “outside of the box opportunity” then Founders Space is for you!

Like us, you will be so amazed and in awe of what you can learn and how far you can go with Founders Space. The month that we spent with FS was life changing, and thank you for having us. We look forward to the future success!

Brandee Kathan
CEO of Society Source

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