Burhan Bozkurt, CEO of B-Messenger (Turkey)

BurhanDynamic, interactive, fun and helpful. Founders Space has the influential team with the useful content.

Mentors are quite experienced and ready to help you in every way they can. They are willing to share their experiences and ideas whenever you need.

Steve Austin makes analysis and research about everything you can imagine that is related to entrepreneurship. From the Beatles to the functioning of the human brain. He uses his experience and knowledge to help startups reach their potential. He has unlimited energy and enthusiasm.

Scot Gray makes everything funny and enjoyable. He has very good insights about the startups. After hours of sessions and discussions, you first think how much fun you had and then realize that you also learned a lot and improved your startup even without noticing.

Nathan Schor is the master of persuasion. He knows the importance of perception. He teaches how human brain works and how you can use this knowledge in your pitches and any other relations at all.

I also liked the location of the building. Very close to the Caltrain Station. It is a quiet neighborhood with some food trucks and cafes nearby.

Thanks to Captain Hoff and the entire team for this valuable experience 😉

Burhan Bozkurt
CEO fo B-Messenger

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