Chris Yu, CEO of bYAPPY (Taiwan)

Chris YuFounders space for us was kind of a soft-landing program. We are the new people in the US market that don’t know what’s going on. During the four weeks, they give us a lot of information on how to start your company, legal issues for the US market. Although I have expertise in accounting, they provided professionals that could help me. We learned a lot on how to market, fundraise and make Americans know our product!

Another thing Founders Space does differently is the pitching itself on Demo Day. It was a totally new experience for me. The normal demos pitches are about five minutes with slides. However, after one month, we had to do a two minute pitch without any audiovisuals, just by ourselves. You have to captivate the VCs and Angel investors with your words. It’s very tough but very interesting.

The online videos of Captain Hoff’s online accelerator series are the best lectures for startups. Everyday he gives a short videos (3 ~ 7mins) to the startups to let them understand the most important topics or subjects. Mentors and lectures in Founders Space are very supportive and helped us to work out our business plan. They did help us a lot!

Finally, the program participants (I would like to call them “classmates”) of this Batch were really working together! We discussed all issues, provided feedback, shared knowledge, helped one other…. Founders Space creates this friendly environment, and it’s the most valuable thing for Startups!

Chris Yu

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