Claude Burns, CEO of Noble Brewer (Oakland)

ClaudeI moved to the Bay Area to launch my company after finishing my MBA at MIT, in which I focused on many entrepreneurship courses. Founders Space quickly re-oriented me to what was important to focus on as a start-up, and what people and investors really cared about, by offering real-world advice.

Scott Gray and Steve Austin were the perfect blend of instructors offering positive encouragement and tough love, while encouraging the class to actively engage their customers and learn more. Instead of a standard lecture, Scott and Steve would open the dialogue to truly get to know your business and offer practical advice and strategies that applied to your business in particular. Since the entire cohort learned about everyone’s companies, I was able to make valuable connections from other founders’ networks.

The course ended with the Founders Space pitch event, which brought us together with VCs, angels and other people in industry who wanted to learn about our companies. This event is where I made several connections with investors, which I’m not sure would have been possible without going through the month-long accelerator.

Claude Burns
CEO of Noble
Oakland, California

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